Top 14 Rose Day Messages

The best item to show love is rose. Roses are best to show your feelings. Rose day is about to come.

This year rose day will be celebrated on 7th February 2018. We can say that February is a season of love. We feel love in air in this month.

Valentine day is not a single day event, it consists mainly seven day such as rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day and the loveliest happy valentine day.

Valentine day is celebrated on 14th February 2018, worldwide. Happy rose day is very first day of valentine’s week. People celebrates rose day 2018 via exchanging roses and rose day wishes, quotes, greetings, images, messages etc.

We have described meaning of different type of roses in our previous blogs, if want to get more about rose day, you can visit our blog here.

Today, on the occasion rose day 2018 we are sharing ever best rose day messages 2018 for you and your love.

Happy Rose Day


1. There are many ways to reach to destination,
Some are so smooth and some are so rough,
But I would always choose the way you go,
And never cares whether it would be smooth or rough.
Happy rose day.

2. True love never happens by planning,
It happens accidentally and suddenly anytime,
True love is eternal and everlasting,
I may not say that I love you like that,
But I would be always for you.
Happy rose day...

3. I want to live every moment with you,
I want to share my feelings with you,
I want to share your sadness with me,
I want to make you my life’s special one.
Would you be.
Happy rose day

Rose Day

4. If I have a bunch of roses
I will insert a plastic rose in it
And give it to you & say
"Our Friendship continues till d last rose dried".

5. A relationship is like a rose, how long it lasts no one knows Love can erase awful past Love can be yours, you’ll see at last. Happy Rose Day...!!

6. Oh dear,
I want you to start your
Lovely rose day,
With a bunch of roses
Sent by me.
Good morning and happy rose day.

Rose Day 2018

7. My dear sweaty,
I just want to let you know
I am in love with you,
For last one year,
But never dared to tell you
I think to rose day is perfect
To tell you I love you.
Happy rose day...

8. 365 days completes a year,
24 hours complete a day,
60 minutes completes an hour,
60 seconds completes a minute
And, it’s you, my dear who completes my life.
Happy rose day.

9. Everything About You Is Interesting,
Your Smile, Your Laughter, Your Beauty,
Your Scent And Your Company.
I Always Think Of You With A Smile On My Face.
I Love You My Precious Rose.

Happy Rose Day 2018

10. I asked God for a rose And he gave me a garden, I ask God for a drop of water And he gave me an ocean, I asked God for an angel And he gave me you! Happy rose day!

11. 24hrs make a lovely day,
7 days make a lovely week,
52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a
person like me will make your life lovely.
Have a lovely Rose Day n life!

12. A newly blooming rose makes us learn,
To smile always without caring problems,
A true love makes us learn,
To never end loving dear ones,
Happy rose day.

Rose Day Wishes

13. A completely bloomed rose teaches us to smile,
A true love teaches us to sacrifice,
But a true friendship teaches us to always give,
Without expectations.
Happy rose day.

14. A Rose for you for being in my life, Thank you to complete my Life. Happy Rose Day...!! Bunch of Red Rose for my life I can’t live without you “I love you”.

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