Best Promise Day Wishes, Quotes and Messages

Promise Day 2018 is on the way and you must be planning to make this day memorable in your life. Happy Promise day is much more than a day it is a comment for your loved once. So, it is very necessary that we stay on our words, because words are quite important in our life. We believe in the power of word, so we are providing you the best collection of promise day wishes 2018, promise day quotes 2018 and promise day messages 2018, So that you can wish and celebrate this promise day wish your loved one.

Happy Promise Day 2018

Promise Day Wishes 2018
“My dear love,I always heard that love is blind,But I can see your true love,I can feel your eternal love,And I can love you more than you.Happy promise day 2018” 

“Speaking without egos, Loving without intentions, Caring without expectations, I promise you that you will be mine always.
Happy Promise Day” 

“You are as sweet as Rose bud You are Bright As A Star, You are cute as a kitten That’s What U Are. You Are Everything for me. Happy Promise Day.” 

“Oh my dearest love, I truly love you so much, I never want to lose you, My life is nothing without you, However, it is everything with you. Happy promise day 2018”

“I promise to stand by you, to hold you up when you’re about to fall and to always keep you safe. I never believed there was a girl out there for me. Until I met you. You changed everything. And I never want to live without you. I love you more than I ever thought possible. Happy Promise Day!” 

“I Can Not Promise To Solve All Your Problems, I Can Only Promise, That I Will Never Let You Face Them Alone, Happy Promise Day!!!”

“My sweet heart, My eyes search you, until they see you, My heart stops beating, until it feels your closeness, And my lungs stop breathing, until they get your fragrance, Please, make me promise that you would always be the reason of my happy life. Happy promise day 2018” 

“My dear heart, I am here to promise you, I would talk to you without my egos, I would care for you without my expectations, I would love you without my personal intentions, And I always keep you in my heart without anything in return. Happy promise day 2018”

“Oh my dear, you are my life, You have given me a way to life, You are my happiness, you are my comfort, I make you promise that, I would never make you sad. Happy promise day 2018” 

“This Promise Day. I don't promise you the moon, I don't promise you the star, but if you promise to remember me, I promise to be always there. Thinking of you on this Promise Day.”

Promise Day Quotes 2018
“If one day you feel like crying, call me. _ I can't promise to make you laugh, but I'll be cry with you. Happy Promise Day 2018” 

“I must have been born under a lucky star,to find a friend as you are.I will follow the rainbow to the end, if you promise to remain my friend !!! “ 

“Friendship Is A Language Spoken By Heart, Not Written On Paper, It Is A Promise On This Promise Day, To Renewed Every Time We Keep In Touch.Happy Promise Day.”

“I promise one day you will regret losing me you'll look back and say, 'Dammn...dat guy really did love me.Happy Promise Day 2018..” 

“I Can’t Promise To Solve All Your Problems, I Can Promise, That I will Never Let You Face Them Alone.. Happy Promise Day 2018 my love.” 

“Friendship Is A Language Spoken By Heart, Not Written On Paper, It Is A Promise On This Promise Day, To Renewed Every Time We Keep In Touch. Happy Promise Day 2018.” 

“Love is heat... You are sweet... When two Lips are meet each other. then Love is complete....Happy Promise Day 2018..!!” 

“Friendship is a promise spoken by the heart It not written... in Book..” 

“We met it was Luck!  We Talked it was chance!  We became friends it was destiny!  We R still friends it is faith!  We will always be friends it’s a promise!  On this promise day this is for U. Happy promise day”

Promise Day Messages 2018
“Âll Ï wanted was sm1 to Care 4 meÂll Ï wanted was sm1 who’d be there 4 meÂll Ï ever wanted was sm1 who’d be TrueÂll Ï ever wanted was sm1 like UHappY promise daY” 

“With every beat of my heart,I will love you more and more,After years of togetherness this,It’s my promise for you, my love,Happy Promise Day” 

“Oh my sweet heart, I promise you I never leave you alone, I would keep you every moment in my heart, If you go away from me, I promise I would search you from any corner of this world and make you mine…. Happy promise day 2018” 

“My dear friend, I cannot make you promises as promises never proved true, But I make you realize that its only me who always loves and cares for you. Happy promise day 2018”

“Oh my Dear, I am here to propose you with lots of love, I have nice ring for you which bring us much closer, It is a bond of love. Happy promise day 2018” 

“Happy promise day my dear, On this promise day, I make you promise that, I would be the reason of every smile on your face, I would be the reason for you to live a happy life, Please come with me 2018” 

“Oh my dearest of dears, Promises varies from person to person, But I would be there forever like that for you, Hold my hand so that we together can go for long distance. Happy promise day 2018”

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