5 Types of Hug for Valentines Day 2018

Valentines Week is the best time for expressing Love for your Valentine. Valentines Day gives us chance to express our feelings for our loved once. There are many days in Valentine Week to celebrate Love, such as Rose day, Kiss day, Propose day, Hug Day, Chocolate Day, Promise Day etc.
Hug day has very importance in celebrating love. So, there are many ways of hugging. Hug is very important part while we are in Love. Hug has quite important role in our life. So, it is important that we know the right method of Hugging. Hug day 2018 is about to come. Hug shows the right feeling of love, if it is done in right and proper manner. So, here we telling you the truth of behind Hugging. We are going unclose the best 5 ways of Hugging for valentines Day 2018.

Hug day 2018

1. Cuddle Hug

A hug common among couples who have found comfort in each other’s arms, this is a very popular one among the different types of hugs. She’ll wrap an arm around you and just drift away for some time. A cuddly hug means that not only does she adore you in that moment, she is very relaxed and will not budge to do anything else for a little while at least.

Hug Day celebration

2.      Flirty Hug
An amorous hug, this is one of the fun ones. She won’t grip you too tightly but she’ll line up her body along yours to give you an idea about the contours and curves of her body.
She’ll run her hands down your back, and clearly this is her way of hinting that she finds you desirable.

Hug Day 2018

3.      Catching Hug
This hug is really cool and these types of romantic hugs are for couples. Suppose you haven’t met our girlfriend for months and what if she is just in front of you.
So this hug is for showing the excitement which you can’t handle yourself and you instantly pull the person in your arms with all your strength.
This clearly shows that you missed that person very much and now you after seeing him you can’t just stop from hugging.

Hug Day images 2018

4.    Twirls Hug
Girls are known for these twirls hugs, they really like it when they are with their loved ones. While hugging a girl goes totally whimsical and free and just gets in the arms of her man.
She wraps both her hands and leg as well towards him and the hug really puts a big happiness on her face.
The man twirls you around sometimes and makes you feel comfortable because he likes you to the fullest extent.
Hug day 2018 celebration

5.     Tight Hug
These are the types of hugs when one person really feels lost or depressed and just want a tight hug from his loved one. If you expect this hug from any person then this person is very special for you and you don’t want to lose him.
These hugs go longer than normal hugs and full of feelings and emotions that can be expressed with words.
A person uses this hug so that he can feel better because that person is someone who makes him feel much better.
tight holding hug

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