How to Celebrate Promise Day 2018

Words are always powerful than any other weapons. If you have feeling for someone special, then only the words are three to show you feeling to your loved ones. If you have promised someone then you will have to fulfill your words. On this day lovers promise each other loyalty, togetherness and promise for their future. This valentines day 2018, we all are waiting to celebrate promise day in a different manner.

Promise Day is the fifth day of the Valentine’s week which is celebrated annually on 11th of February by the people of any age group. Promise day is one of the special days from the Valentine’s week which is celebrated every year as a regular event by promising each other for love and affection.
Everyone in this world is waiting to celebrate this valentines day 2018, but very few of them know the importance of promise day. This year on 11th feb, promise day 2018 is celebrated. This day is basically celebrated to remined your promise for your valentine.

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Love always need care, attention and promise to be always and ever. Promise day is made for this purpose to promise each other for true and forever love and affection. It brings an innovation and satisfaction to the couples life. Couples feel responsible and more affectionate to their loved ones. They become more responsible, committed than ever and promises heartily to be together and help each other for ever and every good or bad times.
Promise Day is celebrated in almost all the regions of the country by the people as a one of the special day of the Valentine week. Lovers welcome this day more heartily to promise each other for faithfulness, togetherness in any bad or good situations as well as promise to marry. They express each other with their real, deep and true love which makes them able to trust on their relationship more than ever before. Promise brings each one of the relationship more closer by strengthening their bond of love and trust.
We all might have come across the phrase ‘relationships are like birds, if you hold tightly they die, if you hold loosely they fly but if you hold with care they remain with you forever’.

Lovers and couples promise each other at this day by sending promise cards, taking hand of their loved ones in their own hand and many more ways. Some go to the lovers point and other famous places to make their promises memorable and unique forever.
Similarly, don’t hold your partner from growing from following their dreams. Understand that they need your support to grow and their hard work will surely pay off for the relationship.

Some basic Do’s of Promise day 2018

Care about your partner’s interest
Love comes with experimenting with subjects; you would usually not bother to. For your partners you might need to watch Game of Thrones, attend fashion shows, play video games or watch cricket. You end up spending precious time with each other and creating beautiful memories.

Prioritize them
Don’t ignore phone calls/texts/video calls unless you are really busy. Even after a hectic day of work what about unwinding over an ice cream or a drive?

Never change them
Understand the basic fact that if they were different you probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with them. Respect him/her for what he/she is. It might feel unrealistic to love every single part of each other but make sure you mold yourself a bit to ‘fit’ in the commitment.

Keep life exciting
Make sure you keep your partner’s life exciting. Always take steps to remind them how much you love them.
Spend time together; go for tours, party, treks and other adventurous activities.

Can do some show-off
You are in LOVE with your partner and never get bored of introducing them to the world as ‘my soulmate’.
It’s not wrong to be proud of your partner and make sure that you show her/him off to your friends and relatives. Reason? Because he/she is wonderful and deserves it.

Try to win them
Even if your partner is madly in love with you, doesn’t mean you should stop impressing them. Do something every day (okay, every week!) to make them feel special like bring chocolates or surprise them at workplace.

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